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2022 Juried Show

This Year’s Winners

Thank you PAL Volunteers


Hanging an art show the size of the Open Juried Show is an artful experience of its own! When you visit the show, please make note of the way colors and art pieces including framing are taken into account to make an artful experience as you journey around the room. We make a real effort to make the arrangement pleasing to the eye and as advantageous as possible to enhance the “look” of the show. The hanging is a work of art itself and the hanging crew are the artists. 

Thanks to all who helped with the process – PAL volunteers are the best! Charli Meacham and Pam Jenkins hung the photographs. Randy Robbins, Stephenie Cardinal, Joe Barrow, Riley Howard, Lisa Eul, Carlene Salazar, Myrna Binion, Scott Lane and Ketty Lane all worked together to hang the art and place the 3D pieces in the main gallery. Thank you all! – Myrna